"Online customer relationships" is no longer an oxymoron.

Create authentic, personal connections with your top customers.

What We Do

For the average retailer, 50% of revenues and 80% of profits come from just 10% of the customer base. And this 10% values service and experience over anything else.

We help retailers build authentic, long-term relationships with their most valuable customers by telling them when, why, and how to proactively reach out for personal conversations.

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Our Team

Bart Bohn, CEO: Bart is a serial entrepreneur, having founded three startups. The most recent, Ravel, was a big data analytics company acquired by W2O Group in 2012. He is also a founder of 3 Day Startup and was a Director at the Austin Technology Incubator.

Kevin Safford, Data Scientist: Kevin is a startup veteran who has applied his talents at both Ravel and Dachis Group. At Dachis, he spent 2 years using big data and machine learning tools to mine social data streams from Facbook and Twitter.